The Hero Archetypes

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All Hero folios include:

– Full page character print (all Kickstarter editions will be signed by the artist)

– Paper miniature sheet (with cut-out instructions) – Customized character sheets (Digital files included for reprint)

All Archetypes will include digital files so you can reprint, edit and redesign your character at will.

Also included with the digital files is an invitation to join future “A Song of Ink and Pen” art projects.

My hope is this project helps get you inspired and more creative. Included with each character folio is the lineart version of your archetype character. I find these make fun coloring projects for anyone to enjoy. 

I will be releasing video tutorials on how to edit and redesign your characters digitally in the near future. You’ll be able to follow along with the digital files included with each archetype.

Character portraits are printed on 110lb matte archival quality cardstock paper. Character sheets are printed on 32lb 100% cotton paper. 

I created all the artwork for this project myself so there is no additional artists to compensate. The funding goal is set so low because it only needs to cover material costs, packaging, taxes and fees. 

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