Building A New Creative Community

My goal with this project is to bring together a community of gamers who appreciate art and want to participate in the creation of future art projects centered on real players and their Dungeon and Dragons adventures. 

Bring Your Own Character To Life With a Custom Character Folio!

If you already have a special D&D character of your own that you’d like to see come to life, you are in luck! I will be taking a limited number of character commissions during the Kickstarter. If you back one of these higher tiers you’ll receive your own personalized character folio in the style of The Hero Archetypes! All commissioned character folios include the full page portrait, custom character sheets, miniature sheet and digital files for reprinting.
Below are just some of the character portraits I’ve created for fans over the last year or so. 
Adventures in Archetypes logo 2

In addition to receiving the completed folio, your characters will be immortalized in my first art book “A Song of Ink and Pen.” The digital artbook is included in all reward tiers $25 and above.

I want this book to be a source of inspiration for backers. Having a collection of real D&D characters from real gamers would be unlike any art book that I’ve seen before. I believe it would be a great resource for future generations of gamers to have as a source of inspiration. This part of the project can only come to life if some of you are willing to share your personal characters with the community. 

Join the ranks of the Hero Archetypes, please consider backing this project at the higher reward levels. Not only will you receive an amazing, one of a kind, work of art but you’ll be participating in a new expansion in creative storytelling. 

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In addition to personal characters from the community, this art book will include a collection of Dungeon’s and Dragon’s illustrations and sketches that I created over the last few years. Here are just a few samples of the art that you’ll find in the book.

Join the symphony of players all over the world who are exploring the infinite realms of the imagination, creating new art and unique stories with the world’s greatest role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons!


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Who am I?
My name is Eric Young, I’ve been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil and a fan of fantasy and science fiction for just as long. I have been freelancing and creating art professionally since 2010. I’ve worked in concept art for games, children’s book and educational illustration. Over the last few years I’ve become inspired by the Inktober movement and the growing community of independent creators who are using social media and crowdfunding tools to fund their art.
This is my first independent Kickstarter project. All the artwork for this project is complete and ready to be printed. Printing, packaging and shipping will being shortly after funds and fees are cleared. I have created all the artwork myself so there are no additional artists to compensate.  My future plan is investing all the profits from this project back into growing the A Song of Ink and Pen brand and community.

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