A Song of Ink and Pen The Hero Archetypes

What the world needs now more than ever is an expansion and explosion of creative communities. 

A new era of mythology and storytelling is being born right now! Dungeons and Dragons offers you an open gateway to the infinite realms of the Imagination! As an artist, I believe D&D is one of the few literary tools that can actually expand your creative imagination. 

This project was built to encourage and empower more people to jump right into one of the most creative communities that has ever existed!

You’ll learn my creative process and be invited to participate in future community focused art projects and tutorials. Get in on the ground floor by backing this project today! 

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If you’ve ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed when trying to come up with a new character for D&D then this project is for you!
The Hero Archetypes are illustrated character folios based on pregenerated characters for D&D 5th edition. The goal of this project is to renew a classic D&D tool that can help quickly immerse players into the Dungeons & Dragons Universe.
Pregenerated characters have been a part of D&D for a long time, they are a great tool to get new players into the game without having having them go through the daunting character creation process.
Unfortunately these great tools are often get overlooked by regular players. So to fix this I decided to make them more visually attractive.
I’ve taken this classic tool and illustrated full body characters portraits for each starting class in 5th Edition. (Twelve unique characters in total.) Each folio comes with a unique character portrait, custom character sheet and paper miniatures! Check them all out below!
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The Character Folios

How To Use The Hero Archetypes

Activate your Imagination. I’ve found that most people use visual images to help them access their imagination. As a new player, I  had a hard time getting into the “role playing mindset” when starting my first character.  Having a visual image of your character on hand makes this process much easier. This is what the character portrait is for.

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Take a deep look at your character. The character portrait is the main focus in each folio. It acts as a channeling tool to help the player imagine their new character in their mind’s eye. This helps the player assume the new personality while playing the game.

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Write it all down. The personalized character sheet in each folio will help keep the characters stats and equipment organized. To make filling out this sheet even easier you can simply fill in the details using the official level guide from the D&D website. If you feel more confident you can consult the Player’s Handbook and level your character in any direction you like!

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Cut out your hero. Each character folio comes with a full sheet of character miniatures that you can easily cut out, fold and glue together in minutes. Cut out and pasting instructions are printed on each miniature sheet.

Feel free to reprint the miniature and character sheets as many times as you like using the digital files that are included with all folios. 

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How to cut out your miniature

That’s it, you’re ready to play!

Gather your family and friends and start making memories that will last a lifetime!

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Who am I?
My name is Eric Young, I’ve been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil and a fan of fantasy and science fiction for just as long. I have been freelancing and creating art professionally since 2010. I’ve worked in concept art for games, children’s book and educational illustration. Over the last few years I’ve become inspired by the Inktober movement and the growing community of independent creators who are using social media and crowdfunding tools to fund their art.
This is my first independent Kickstarter project. All the artwork for this project is complete and ready to be printed. Printing, packaging and shipping will being shortly after funds and fees are cleared. I have created all the artwork myself so there are no additional artists to compensate.  My future plan is investing all the profits from this project back into growing the A Song of Ink and Pen brand and community.

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