A Song of Ink and Pen - The Hero Archetypes

Join the symphony of players all over the world who are exploring the fantastic realms of the imagination and creating new art and stories with the worlds greatest roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons!

The Hero Archetypes are illustrated character folios designed to quickly immerse players into the Dungeons and Dragons universe. After you start playing the stories you generate and share with these archetypes will help inspire and create future Dungeons and Dragons art and projects! Learn how you can become a part of this amazing new creative adventure below!

A Song of Ink and Pen - The Hero Archetypes - Printed Folios

Characters folios printed on 8.5"x 11" card stock paper.

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Activate your Imagination. Most people use visual images to help them access their imagination. New players often have a hard time getting into their first character but by having a visual image to work with they can get immersed very quickly.

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Take a deep look at your character. The character portrait found in each folio acts as a channeling tool to help the player imagine their new character in their mind’s eye. This helps the player assume the new personality while playing the game.

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Write it all down. The personalized character sheet will help keep the characters stats and equipment organized. To make filling out this sheet easier you can follow the official level guide that comes with each folio. If you feel more confident you can consult the Player’s Handbook and level your character however you wish.

That’s it, you’re ready to play. After you’ve gotten a chance to adventure and grow with these new characters we want you to share your stories with the community.

Tell us what cool adventures you’ve undertaken. What path have you taken your character down, what battles have you fought and what treasures have you found?

What traumatic event turned your Paladin evil?

Did your Druid change because of a cursed weapon she discovered?

Has your Wizard been dabbling in Necromancy and is now suffering the effects? 

D&D stories have always inspire me to draw! I want to bring the greatest adventures the community can generate to life through art and illustration. As you follow along with the project through my various social media channels you’ll get to see all these epic tales unfold. Maybe your adventure will be in my next sketch!

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Everyone should be encouraged to use these archetypes as scaffolding to tell your stories, create new art and to express your unique personalities!

Those who don’t want to share can still get great use from The Hero Archetypes. Dungeon Masters will find them to be a great guide for new players getting into their first campaign. Anyone can get a jump start on a new character in only a few minutes with one of these folios. 

See All The Archetypes Below | All Hero folios include:

Customized Character Sheets

Signed Character Print & Official Level Guide

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The Hero Archetypes

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